Mixology school

At the Monsieur Cocktail Mixology School (formerly the Patrice Plante school of mixology), our one and only goal is to help you become a cocktail ace at home.

We offer no fewer than 10 courses that are designed to help you become your very own Monsieur or Madame Cocktail. You’ll learn everything from the basic mixology techniques to how to taste spirits and get creative in the kitchen, not to mention a crash course in the history of mixology.

The highly popular Cocktails 101 class will give you a solid grasp of the basics. As well as proper shaking technique, you’ll learn all about the sugar and acid balance, how to conserve juice and make a simple syrup. You’ll learn the distinction between whiskey and scotch and find out how important ice and glass type can be. And finally, you’ll see how to stock a bar at home for less than $100.

Once you’ve taken Cocktails 101, you can sign up for a full cocktail course at a special rate to arm yourself with all the knowledge of a professional mixologist, or cherry-pick the classes that interest you and pay the regular rate.

Courses are taught in Quebec City and Montreal.

*Most courses are currently available in French only.

L’Atelier – Tartares et Cocktails
624, Grande Allée E, Québec

Le Palco
4019, Rue Wellington, Verdun

The classes

Most courses are currently available in French only. However, the Cocktails 101 class is available in English for groups of 20 or more participants. To find out more, email us at [email protected].

the teachers

Patrice Plante
Patrice Plante traded his chef’s apron for a bow tie in 2012 when Quebec City’s first cocktail bar—L’Atelier—opened its doors. As partner and bar chef, he’s still a regular fixture there today. After just four years in the mixology business, Patri... » Read more
Patrick Beaulieu
A true master of flavours, Patrick  Beaulieu has quite the extraordinary palate. He boasts more than 10 years of experience in the restaurant business after studying hospitality management at Collège Merici and training as a sommelier at École hôt... » Read more

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